Monday, December 6, 2010

Yeeps, it's December.

That was fast.  We're coming up on our anniversary, a whole year almost of married *bliss*.  (Ha ha.  I'm too pragmatic for words like bliss.  It's not bliss.  It's a marriage, and that means work.  Just saying.  I hate Gushy McGushersons that prattle on about love and fate and whatEVER, it's like, get over it, who's scooping the cat crap and who's taking out the trash??  THAT'S marriage.  Again, just saying.)

Things that we have done together in this last year include:
  • Buying our house.  That one was sort of a big deal.
  • Painted and decorated our new house.  Less arguments than there could have been.
  • Moved into our house. Sweaty, swear-filled, and super tiring, but worth it.
  • Gone to Disney World.  Sweaty, swear-filled, and super tiring, but worth it. ; )
  • Added a ceiling fan to the bedroom.  He'll say he did this one alone.
  • Bought appliances for our kitchen.  Fought over how to clean the stove.
  • Got our first car "together."  It's mine but I let him use it. ; )
  • Celebrated my last birthday in my 20's. How the hell did I get this old???
  • Celebrated the completion of his first year of his 30's.  Don't mention it to him.
  • Joined a gym.  His cholesterol, my weight, our mutual mood of lethargy.
  • Got new furniture for our house and painted our den.  Swear-filled.
  • Bought a snowblower and figured it out. Swear-filled and smelling of gasoline.
  • Changed the light fixture in the upstairs guest room. He 'did this one alone' too.
  • Took our nephew to Rockford to visit with friends. Felt like grownups.
  • Discovered that he IS in fact, literate, and DOES enjoy reading.  Breakthrough.
  • Spent a week at a Wisconsin fishing lake.  He fished, I cooked, all were pleased.
  • Got all our wedding thank-you's out in a decent time frame.  YES!
  • Got our tax return back - woo hoo filing married!!!!
  • Got our homebuyer credit money - woo hoo buying a house for the first time!
  • Went to some shows at the casino.  Fought over gambling.  Won some, lost some.
  • Decorated our house for the holidays. Still in process.  Not optimistic for that one.
  • Made two new flower beds in our backyard.  Still not good at gardening.  : /
  • Bought lots of new tools that he needed.  Still looking for projects to use them on.
  • Tried lots of new foods, some at home, some at restaurants.  Yay, winter squash and sushi! (Not in the same meal...)
  • Hosted a successful Thanksgiving dinner.  Not on Thanksgiving. 
  • Quit a job, got a new job, went back to the old job.  He thought I was crazy.
  • Got all our wedding pics ordered.  In July.  Seven months late.  : /
  • Navigated the oft-stormy waters of family politics.  Gross.
  • Hosted our first houseguests from out of town - good times with great friends!
  • Debated whether to get a dog.  Jury's still out.
  • Handed out Halloween candy to our first trick-or-treaters.  All 8 of them.
  • Went to see Lady Gaga!!!!  SHYEAH!!!! 
  • Celebrated 3 years together in June.  Does the anniversary clock reset at the wedding??  Hmmm....
  • Did lots of home-improvement.  As in, I pick it out, and he makes it happen.
  • Donated to charity.  Finally had enough money between us to do it.
  • Combined our assets....finally had enough faith between us to do it.
I'm sure there are plenty more.  Our collaborations so far this year had everything to do with putting down our roots, establishing ourselves as a couple, setting financial policies and goals, and working out the differences between us that you don't think about when you're "in love" and all schmoopy with an engagement ring on your finger.  We've always functioned as a well-oiled machine, I talk, he observes, I plan, he executes, I break the toilet, he fixes it, etc.  Our symbiosis has been very organic in that way.  But we've noticed (as he put it yesterday) that when you spend every day with the same person, you're bound to figure out what they do that irritates you.  I irritate him every day, and he does the same to me.  He's grumpy and an emotional driver, and I'm neurotic and an emotional....well....everything.  He blows his nose in the shower.  I take too long to get out of the car while he waits for me in the rain.  He has an annoying habit of "warming up his hands" by sticking them in his pants.  I have an annoying habit of insisting we eat dinner at the table and not on the couch. 

But, without trying to be all gushy and *blissful* about anything....the things we do that are annoying to each other are super minor.  For the most part, we're a good team.  We each take our turns being the spoiled one.  Because at the end of the day, yes, there's cat crap to scoop up and there is trash to take out and it's busy and crazy and WHATEVER, but we both want to make the other one happy, and that's probably one of the keys to success.  Our little domestic life is established, and our "house" as a metaphor for our life together is tidy and organized but comfortable, and lived-in.  This next year, I hope we'll focus on our family, the Wilcox-Schowalter family, and if that means a dog or a baby or a business.......I hope for at least as much joy and success as we've had this first year.

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  1. Congrats on 1 year Married! The Best is Yet to Come!